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About RRPG

Rural area with its resources, products, community, and culture is important even while in globalization era. The rural products are the most resources for human life. While, the uniqueness and local wisdom of rural areas have become a rich endless social resource, even for modern life. If we would like to develop human being and improve the urban and regional area, it is important to us also to learn and develop the rural area and its community as well.

The Rural Research and Planning Group (RRPG) is an international platform for meeting and networking among those specialists/experts and practitioners in the field of rural development and planning to discuss, exchange of experiences, research findings and ideas, plan and organize activities for mutual benefit. It is based on volunteerism on the same interest on rural topic research, and development planning practices.

In the first time RRPG was initiated in 2009 by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ngah from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Prof. Dr. David Preston, Oxford University, United Kingdom, Dr Imam Buchori and Holi Bina Wijaya from Diponegoro University, Indonesia.

Rural Research And Planning Group – RRPG are based on volunteerism on the same interest on rural topics research, and development planning practices. Now, with the global era where the activities are borderless, where the communication and interactions are very easy, then a strong networking becomes an important asset to improve our quality of live.

The current network covers the  participants from the annual RRPG meetings. The members are from universities, NGO, international development agencies, government bodies, and other relevant agencies. Currently, the RRPG members network are  from countries i.e. United Kingdom, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Germany.

New participants of institutions and individuals are welcome to participate in RRPG network.